When we say Strong as a Mother, we mean it. The mothers and grandmothers we support are strong, empowered, and resilient. They are working hard every day to provide for their families, send their children to school, and strengthen their communities. Their determination and perseverance inspire us to continue the work to eliminate poverty for generations to come and create gender equity in a world free from discrimination and gender-based violence. 


Teodosa owns a small pulperia in Honduras (a convenience store) and has been a client of WE Partner, Adelante, for a little over 12 years. She uses microloans to support and grow her pulperia and to buy clothing in bulk, which she also sells.

She has been able to take out loans of increasing value—her most recent for 30,000 Lempira (a little over $1,200). A leader among her peers, she has also hosted Adelante training assemblies for over 30 women in her community. Her daughter lives with her and has caught Teodosa’s entrepreneurial spirit, opening a food business of her own selling pollo frito, baleadas, and more.

It can be hard for women in Honduras to get ahead, but little by little—through their perseverance and access to resources like those provided with WE funding—they make progress and forge a path for their families to thrive.

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