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Fonkoze is a family of organizations that work together to provide the financial and non-financial services to empower Haitians—primarily women—to lift their families out of poverty.

Fonkoze’s vision is for a Haiti where people, standing together, shoulder to shoulder, have pulled themselves out of poverty.

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, increased access to health care services and products is urgently needed in Haiti, especially in rural areas. Our partner in Haiti, Fonkoze, is the country’s largest microfinance organization assisting women. Since 2016, WE is proud to have partnered with Fonkoze to support the Community Health Store (Boutik Sante) project.

The Boutik Sante project recruits and trains women entrepreneurs to provide basic health services and supplies in some of Haiti’s most remote and impoverished rural areas. Since a successful pilot project in 2013-2014, Boutik Sante has expanded to train 715 women entrepreneurs, who as of October 2017 have provided increased access to health services and products for approximately 976,169 people. These women “Community Health Entrepreneurs” (CHEs) receive training in basic health care screening and help in setting up small health stores that provide affordable health services and supplies. WE’s initial contribution in 2016 of $30,000 helped fund the training of these community health entrepreneurs. WE also funded an additional $4,270 for Hurricane Matthew disaster relief-targeting cholera prevention.  In 2017, WE is funding the Onboarding and Orientation training costs of new CHE enrollees, in addition to stocking their health-product baskets and catalogs.

Train 1,800 women entrepreneurs who will serve over 4 million underserved Haitians by 2020.

Meet our Women in Haiti

Elie | Haiti

Elie | Haiti

Elie S., a resident of Port-Margot in Haiti, is a devoted mother of four – three boys and a girl....

Carinne  |  Haiti

Carinne | Haiti

Carinne from Haiti When a woman rises, the world changes Since 1994, Carinne has owned a small but...

Marlene | Haiti

Marlene | Haiti

Marlene N., Community Health Entrepreneur (CHE) Marlene is a single mother who works hard to...

Join our efforts to provide women with the resources, opportunity, and support they need to achieve economic self-sufficiency.