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Kabaami Aisha is 66 years old and is from Rwemisisi cell,  Kihihi  town  parish,  Kihihi T/council,

Kanungu district. She lives with three  grandchildren  of  her  late  son.  These came to the grandmother’s home after the death   of   their   father   who   had   already separated  with  the  wife.    The  mother’s whereabouts are not known. Aisha has been running  a  business  of  tailoring,  but  after joining   Nyaka   grandmother   group   and receiving  training  in  financial  literacy,  she decided  to  start  selling  second  hand  clothes  like  bed  sheets,  towels,  children  clothes,  skirts  and dresses.

Aisha also realized that she was wasting part of her rented room where she only operated her sewing machine yet she could use it to sell soft drinks.  Aisha is one of the lucky grandmothers who has benefited from WE funds worth 500,000UGX.  She used the money to buy clothes and some soft drinks to add on her tailoring business. Aisha is also planning to start selling fabric since people come to her shop for tailoring services. Aisha is able to use her loan with confidence due to its low interest rates and no additional costs in acquiring it. She is able to repay her loan using the profits she gets after selling her clothes, repairing clothes and this has helped her to support her grandchildren.