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Eva | Puerto Rico

Eva | Puerto Rico

The Lives We Touch: Eva Judith Martínez Rojas
Farming Entrepreneur, Puerto Rico

Meet Eva Judith Martinez Rojas, a farming entrepreneur from Miraflores, Puerto Rico. Eva is a proud participant in
Libera, WE’s entrepreneurship program partner, Proyecto Matria. Following her generations-long family tradition in agriculture, today Eva runs El Caminito, her farm and nursery. Together with her spouse Luis, Eva is developing a micro-agricultural enterprise where they plant cassava, papaya, bananas, celery and yautias and also house a nursery built with various recycled materials. This was supported by the initial contribution of seed capital from Proyecto Matria.

Eva’s sensitivity and collaborative spirit have enabled her to cultivate strong relationships in her community as she serves her neighbors. She is a true asset to her neighborhood and to this program that describes her as “a woman who fills every action with love.”

Eva’s passion for service to others equals her passion for her business. A true community leader, she participates in Casa Solidaria Matria, actively helping the community organization rebuild following Hurricane Maria.

Eva has also been a regular at the empowerment workshops and business training offered through the Libera business incubator. She has rediscovered her strength and integrated her family, business and community goals based on social responsibility. Women like Eva are an essential part of the Puerto Rican recovery and WE is honored to support her continued success!