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Nolvia M. is a pulperia and carniceria owner in La Ceiba, Honduras. To grow her business, she joined the microfinance program with WE grant partner, Adelante, which enables women like Nolvia to work toward self-sufficiency and break a cycle of poverty and strengthen their families. Nolvia has taken out 19 loans with Adelante over the last 15 years. Prior to her involvement, her mother was a client of Adelante, which is how she came to learn of their services. With her loans, Nolvia has grown her business bit by bit and expanded her butchery business with her father, the person who inspired her to start this business.

Over the course of time, Nolvia borrowed funds to invest in assets that would help improve her product offerings and efficiencies, including an industrial-sized meat sealing machine, supplies and materials, and a larger freezer. As a successful, repeat customer, Nolvia also qualified for—and took advantage of—Adelante’s other loan products such as the home improvement and water and sanitation loans. With those, she has repaired her roof and now has a washroom.

Nolvia shared that not only is she extremely grateful for the opportunity to start and grow her business, but she has also experienced slowly over time, greater profits that she has been able to put towards the betterment of her family, business, and home.

Most recently she was able to purchase a used car that she uses for both business and personal purposes. She is able to pick up needed materials more easily and expand her client base by being able to make deliveries. She also uses the car to get family members to and from different activities and appointments, ensuring they are able to access and more easily obtain necessary services that improve the overall welfare of her family and greater community.

Doña Nolvia is excited to share that she plans to open a second location somewhere central in the city since her current business is located on the outskirts. By experiencing greater profits and mobility, she will be able to achieve her greater enterprise goals and continue to invest back into her business efforts and her family’s wellbeing.