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Meet Peace from Uganda
Peace, 57, lives in Katojo village, in the western Uganda Kanungu district. She lives with her two grandchildren, Tukamushaba Sheilah (10) and Nahurira Violah (7), who she became caregiver for after her daughter passed away. 

Peace participates in a WE-funded microfinance program with our partner, Nyaka. She was lucky to have acquired tailoring skills, and she borrowed 500,000UGX (Ugandan Shillings; approximately $139) from her granny group to buy a sewing machine. The money was not enough, so she sold her piglets to pay for the balance.  

Peace is diabetic, so some of her profits from her tailored clothes must go to her medical bills instead of back into her business, thus slowing the growth of her business to the heights it could potentially reach. However, she is always able to make payments on the loan in time. She is well known in her community for her expertise in tailoring, and schools from nearby engage her in making uniforms. Peace has also continued to rear pigs, which adds to her income and helps pay for fees so she can see her grandchildren through school. She says her elder grandchild dreams of becoming a doctor and the youngest dreams of becoming a teacher. She is optimistic that with her participation in the microfinance program, their dreams will be fulfilled.