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New Areas of Impact

Our new grant partners provide resources and training for women experiencing poverty in Guatemala, San Diego, and El Salvador.

Meet Our New Grant Partners

Multicolores, Guatemala

Grant amount funded by WE: $18,600

Multicolores, based in rural communities in Guatemala, is an association for Maya women artists, who create original works of textile art using rug-hooking and embroidery. Through their work, the women celebrate their heritage and become catalysts for social change in their families and communities. Multicolores supports the artists through creative and economic development, health and well-being, and leadership. Indigenous Maya women need a sustainable and sufficient source of income that is not dependent on a formal education or external assistance. Joining with their peers, building on their skills, and empowering the women provides a pathway out of poverty. With WE support, Multicolores will elevate the skills and income-earning potential of 27 Maya women embroidery artists in their Stitching New Narratives program through a series of five new product development workshops. Uniquely, this program balances creative innovation and economic empowerment with understanding and respect for Maya aesthetic traditions. 

OEF DE El Salvador

Grant amount funded by WE: $20,000

For 37 years, OEF, a Salvadoran nonprofit Development Association, has been working to enhance life conditions of women, children, and youth living in marginalized communities. Their three-part model focuses on support for education, employability, and preventative health. OEF will launch a pilot loan project as WE´s partner, through which the social and economic empowerment of 600 women will be promoted with: (i) raising awareness about human rights, gender equity, domestic violence prevention, leadership, and participation; (ii) access to training for life and work skills; (iii) access to vocational training; (iv) access to loans to build entrepreneurship, business advice, and development support; and (v) health education. In addition, the program will focus on increasing the women’s levels of participation and decision-making, both at the family and community levels.

Urban Corps of San Diego

Grant amount funded by WE: $10,000

Urban Corps is a nonprofit and certified local conservation corps, providing opportunities for underserved, low-income young adults ages 18-26 to improve themselves while improving their own communities. The unique work-learn program allows youth to finish high school while earning a paycheck, learning real-world job skills, and giving back to the community through professional services. Barriers to Corpsmembers’ success are addressed with emergency food, clothing and shelter, job training, certifications, drivers’ licenses, and one-on-one case management and trauma counseling. Corpsmembers also receive support toward their goals when they graduate through career and college readiness activities. Not having a personal vehicle is often cited as a barrier to successful and sustained employment. Thus, WE funding will be used for a pilot program for car down payment assistance for female Corpsmembers to support their success in and out of the program, setting them up for financial success and self-sufficiency after graduation.

Meet the Women

Ramona | Guatemala

Ramona | Guatemala

Ramona Lucia from Guatemala “Although I grew up with many limitations, I did not limit myself and...

Micaela | Guatemala

Micaela | Guatemala

Micaela from Guatemala “I have faced diverse challenges in my life but I consider myself a strong...

Kaleah Smith  |  San Diego

Kaleah Smith | San Diego

Kaleah Smith from San Diego, California Kaleah Smith had a challenging childhood. Kaleah moved...