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Ana manages 2 businesses in Honduras.

As Ana Yadira Euceda can attest, sometimes a small business loan makes all the difference.

For Ana, a mother of four, a WE-funded microfinance loan enabled her to become a prosperous entrepreneur in her community in Honduras. Originally from San Pedro Sula, one of the largest cities in Honduras, she moved to La Esperanza when she married. She left school after sixth grade.

With her first small loan, issued by WE’s partner, Adelante Foundation, Ana built a school cafeteria for local kids, where she works mornings selling meals, drinks and snacks. A second loan for about $421 allowed Ana to start a second business selling homemade tamales at the local market in the afternoons.

Her life is busy but Ana says she’s grateful, not only for her business loans, but also for the chance to meet other hard working women. Through Adelante’s education program, Ana has learned how to interact in a group, speak publicly and build strong relationships with her clients.

Based on the success of her businesses, Ana now plans to apply for a larger individual loan as soon as her current loan is fully paid.