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Elie S., a resident of Port-Margot in Haiti, is a devoted mother of four – three boys and a girl. Three of her children are in school, while the youngest is still an infant.

Elie has been associated with Fonkoze, a WE supported health program, for a few years now. She started with a loan of 3,000 HTG (~$22) and has grown her credit to 100,000 HTG ($733). Four years ago, she became a Community Health Entrepreneur (CHE) and eagerly joined the Boutik Sante program when it launched in Port-Margot. Even during her pregnancy, she actively promoted and generated interest in Boutik Sante within her community.

Before Fonkoze, Elie used to sell clothing and shoes as a street vendor, and later dishes and food. Being a part of Fonkoze relieved her from walking the streets to sell her items, resulting in higher income. She appreciates the quality and competitive pricing of Boutik Sante products, which saves her from traveling long distances to procure products to sell.

Elie’s involvement with Fonkoze goes beyond being a CHE. She is also a member of Fonkoze’s General Assembly, which empowers women with leadership skills and gives clients a voice in Fonkoze’s work. She values this position as it allows her to actively contribute to her community. Additionally, Elie has benefited from various trainings offered by Fonkoze through the AKSYON program, which aimed to reduce malnutrition in rural Haiti and ran from 2016 to 2021.

Her dream is to see her children grow up healthy and continue to enjoy their education. As a Center chief, Elie is dedicated to spreading awareness about Fonkoze and encouraging others in her community to join the organization.

About Fonkoze:

Nearly half of Haiti’s population is experiencing acute hunger due to a record-breaking food shortage triggered by drought, global shortages, rising gas prices, inflation, escalating gang violence, and natural disasters. WE contributes to Fonkoze’s vision working toward a Haiti where people, standing together, have pulled themselves out of poverty. WE supports Fonkoze’s award-winning health program, Boutik Sante, with funding for training and the purchase of supplies. Women microfinance clients are able to become Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) through this program and conduct basic health screenings and education sessions in their communities and sell health products for additional income.