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Meet Georgia K., a resilient 58-year-old widow from Burandami village in Uganda. She is the caregiver of her four grandchildren, aged between 7 months and 10 years, as her daughter left them to search for a job but then never returned. Despite facing adversity, Georgia found hope through a loan of 500,000UGX (~$139) from Nyaka’s Grandmother Program, supported by WE funds.

With this loan, Georgia invested in her long-cherished dream of starting a goat-keeping project. The goat she bought gave birth to twins twice, rapidly increasing her goat herd to five within a year. Georgia sold three goats and purchased a calf, which has grown into a healthy cow. The cow also gave birth to a calf, adding to her growing livestock.

Georgia’s ingenuity didn’t stop there. She strategically uses goat manure to enrich her vegetable garden and banana plantation, ensuring a steady supply of nutritious food for herself and her grandchildren. Moreover, she enjoys a regular income from milk sales, providing her grandchildren with fresh milk.

Thanks to the support of WE funds, Georgia’s standard of living has significantly improved, earning her admiration and respect within her community. With determination and hard work, she repaid her loan from the income generated by her milk sales and banana plantation.

Today, Georgia’s assets include five goats valued at 1,000,000UGX (~$278) and two cows worth 2,700,000UGX (~$750). Grateful to Nyaka and WE, she proclaims, “Because of the loan I received, I am able to provide for my grandchildren.”

Georgia is an active member of the Kanungu Southern Ward Granny Group, soon to graduate from receiving revolving funds from Nyaka, marking another milestone in her inspiring journey of empowerment.


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Uganda continues to face challenges such as a fragile economy affected by the Ebola outbreak, violence, and harsh weather conditions, which also affected agriculture and food access. Nyaka works with communities to nurture and protect children, so they can learn, grow, and thrive. WE supports its Grandmother program, which assists in caregiving, subverting sexual-based violence, and helping the grannies increase their earnings through microloans and investments. With WE support, the number of grandmothers with access to microfinancing, trainings, and support increases each year. These grannies have increased their household income and the economic wellbeing of their grandchildren, kept the children in school, and increased their own financial literacy. For every $40 invested into a grandmother-led household, there is a 285% return on investment within 36 months.