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Husniah, a refugee student from Afghanistan and Corpsmember with WE partner, Urban Corps of San Diego County, has faced numerous challenges on her journey, but her resilience and determination have never wavered. As a refugee, she has had to overcome obstacles that most of us can’t even imagine. One of the biggest obstacles she faced was transportation.

Living far from the Urban Corps of San Diego campus, it was a constant struggle for her to get to her High School Education and Job training program. However, with the help of the Women’s Empowerment International’s grant for vehicle down payment assistance, she was able to obtain a much-needed car of her own.

It has been said that “transportation is the aorta of poverty” and this is very accurate for Corpsmembers at Urban Corps. Corpsmembers were found to be missing career opportunities because they didn’t have their own vehicle. Employers want “reliable transportation” and public transportation does not always go a work location or might be delayed en route, and if you are unable to make it to work, you risk losing your job. WE has provided support for down payments, while Mission Federal Credit Credit Union, another Urban Corps partner, has been supporting financial literacy training and counseling to ensure Corpsmembers are able to continue with any insurance and loan payments that they will have.

For Husniah, her car has become a lifeline for her, enabling her to commute efficiently and reliably, eliminating the barriers that once stood in her way. Now, Husniah can confidently navigate the demands of work and education, empowering her to reach her goals and create a brighter future. Her unwavering determination, combined with the support she received, has truly transformed her life.