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Jane, 62, belongs to a Nyaka Grandmother group in the Kanungu district of Uganda, which WE supports with funding for their microfinance program. Jane cares for three grandchildren, two of whom are from her son who passed away. She operates a small restaurant at a bus stop stage. She prepares breakfast and lunch for the boda (motorcycle riders) who park next to her restaurant. With a recent loan of 700,000 UGX (approximately $188), she was able to pay rent on the verandah space and acquire some materials like sauce pans, utensils, and food supplies. During the COVID-19 lockdown throughout the country, her business suffered with fewer motorists as customers.

Now, with things opening up again, she wakes up at 5:30 every morning to go to the restaurant and start preparing the meals. Her daily sales are now up to almost $19/day, and she has been able to send all of her grandchildren to school, pay back her loan, and rear and sell pigs at home to boost her income. She is working hard to grow her business, so she can acquire a plot of land of her own for the restaurant and become a landlord herself, charging rent to others.

Your support represents a chance for women like Jane to create her own opportunities and has a life-changing impact for generations to come.