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Jane cares for five grandchildren.

Jane Batsitire was 62 when she lost her son and began caring for her five grandchildren, ranging in age from six to 16. She worries about educating her grandkids as school in Uganda is not free. But even a loan as small as $14 is enough to launch a modest enterprise in Uganda.

WE-funded loans, plenty of hard work and a busy pig rearing business have now changed the lives of this family. It began with a small loan to purchase four piglets. With two litters a year, and five to six piglets in each, she is able to sell these pigs for a profit and reinvest in a new coffee business.

While life is certainly hard, her grandkids are in school and she is able to provide for family necessities. Jane, like thousands of other grandmothers in Uganda, now dreams for more for her kids and step by step, is building her business and family income.